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No Matter What Desensitize Your Horse

Always have on mind that the first thing that you should do with your horse is to desensitize him. In the real world there are many objects, people and circumstances that might scare your horse, so start with the training as soon as you can. It doesn’t matter how old …

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America’s Biggest And Luxurious Horse Barn

People who’s life have been build around horses will enjoy while watching the following video. We show you America’s biggest horse barn, so let’s have a closer look. It’s located on 78,000 square feet space,which is mind blowing. And now imagine that you own that place after winning a Jack …

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The Saddle Fit Is Important Issue

Here are some intresting facts about the look of your saddle pad. The dirt is accumulated in the place where the most movement is made. And the picture below shows how that should look like according to logic. So, the dirt should be in the front shoulder moving back and …

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Unforgetable Pony Ride

You’ll find this video strange and funny at the same time. It seems that some horses are simply born to run wild and free, doing what they like and yet entertain the others. We can’t say a lot about the following video and that’s why we highly recommend you to …

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