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America’s Biggest And Luxurious Horse Barn

People who’s life have been build around horses will enjoy while watching the following video. We show you America’s biggest horse barn, so let’s have a closer look. It’s located on 78,000 square feet space,which is mind blowing. And now imagine that you own that place after winning a Jack …

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Watch The Ultimate Test For A Calm Horse

The following video has been posted by Brookby Heights International and as they wrote below the video, mostly their clients requests at buying their horses aren’t something special. They request from them to film videos of the horses while jumping or making some moves…or just lateral work. But, recently they’ve …

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Raise Your Believe In Mustangs

The following video is so beautiful and maybe some of you will get emotional while watching it. That woman, Madison Shambaugh is quite amazing and her story is so inspiring. When she bought her mustang, she decided to take things differently then usual and challenged herself. She had an idea …

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