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Young Baby Foal Trained And Ridden In Full Stacks And Chains

Riding a 16-month-old foal is not acceptable for any normal horse person. Recently, some photos  have been  going around the Internet causing some serious outrage. In those photos people could see a 16 month old foal ridden by Douglass Todd- a Tennessee Walker Trainer. The question was how could a horseman like Todd do something like that- to ride a baby foal  in full stacks and chains?! Unbelieveable!


Some people even assume that the baby foal has been “sored” and if you now the definition of soring you’ll know how awful that is for a 16-month-old horse! So, you don’t have to be an expert to see that the horse from the picture below is to young to be trained or ridden. Usually trainers begin to work with a horse when the animal is at least 2 years old!

Hopefully this baby foal hasn’t been sored and after this internet reaction he is back in the pasture with other baby foals. After all he is just a baby and it takes time for any horse to get ready for a training lessons. Share this post with other horse lovers.

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