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Riding Success Doesn’t Depend On The Amount You Pay To Your Trainer

There are all types of horse trainers and it’s really important for  riders to find the right one. The one that will change their perspective and that will challenge them to be better. Carleigh Fedorka, a Ph.D. in Veterinary Science and a horse rider, recently has shared some of her experience with horse trainers and we recommend you to read the following text-its quite interesting!

She remembers her first trainer, Rose Watt, as the most amazing woman, but after a while Fedorka decided to move to The Mecca. She thought that there she will continue her training with popular trainers- “big names”- and that she will finally learn to ride perfectly. But, very quick she’s realized how wrong she was and she missed Rose. Lucky for Fedorka, she managed to find one or two trainers to whom the quality of riding was the most important thing- not the ribbons.

Recently Fedorka had another experience with a horse trainer, named Lillian Heard. it has been a great experience for Fedorka, thanks to her friend Courtney who has recommended that wonderful trainer to her. Courtney knew that Fedorka had some hard time with her horse and that’s why she directed her to take a lesson from Lillian. As Fedorka shared, Lillian has been an extraordinary clinician and her lessons didn’t cost a fortune! She reminded her of her loving trainer Rose.

So, its not about the last name of the trainer, its about what you’ll gain! You can have the most expensive trainer with Olympic medals and you can practise on a fancy farm, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get a high-level instructions. Share this story with other horse lovers!

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