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Creating A Consistent Relationship With Horses- Not Dominance!

According to some equitation scientists dominance must not be a part of horse training! As this leading group says, that type of man-made concepts ( dominance and leadership) are not good for a good horse-rider relationship. Those concepts have been improperly used and will only lead to failure in the connection with horses.

The most important thing while forming a bond with your horse is to learn more about his nature, his abilities and temperament. Riders, handlers and trainers should forget the concepts of dominance and base their relationship with horses on understanding. Educate yourself about the horse’s cognitive abilities, learn more about his natural behaviour and do everything with patience.

At the end, the most important thing for you as a rider or trainer, should be the horse’s welfare. Your goal should be to create a consistent and strong relationship with horses. If you agree, share this post with your animal loving friends and family!

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