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Can We Predict The Carefulness Of Jumping Horses?!

A sport scientist, Dr. Tim Worden who has worked witn many FEI-level show jumping riders has talked about what makes a jumping “careful”. According to him that depends on the muscle fiber type, the sense of touch, personality and mostly from the ability of the horse to keep all of the rails in the cups.


The question that matters while talking about this topic is can the carefulness of a horse be predicted by doing some tests early in life?! To answer this question Dr. Tim Worden looked through some experiments. It has been interesting because they have been correlated to tests that were done outside of the ring, such as horse temperament tests, tactile sensitivity tests, repetitive stepping tests and tests on the muscle fiber composition.

His study has shown that various things can correlate with performance of show jumping horse. The most important are: increased tactile sensitivity (improves the jumping performance), bodily awareness, the percentage of muscle fiber type and certain behavioral traits. If you agree with the summary of Dr. Tim Worden, share this post with other horse lovers.

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