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The BLM Has Proposed Their 2018 Budget

The Bureau of Land Management, Washington D.C., has proposed their 2018 budget and according to the proposed budget the life of almost 50 000 horses could end up. The BLM proposes unrestricted sale of unadopted wild horses by giving an idea for a management plan that includes humane euthanasia.

Helicopter rounding up wild horses.

What does the unrestricted sale of excess horses mean? It means that most of them will be sold for slaughter and will just have to wait and see what will happen. We don’t know what’s the goal- does BLM want to reduce the numbers or to eliminate all horses in long-term holding?!

For your information the BLM manages over 48,000 wild horses in long-term holding facilities, and 58,000 horses and burros on the range.

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