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Tips: How To Conquer Your Fear After A Riding Accident

Kristina N. Lotz has ridden horses since she was a little kid, that’s why she is a huge animal lover. She has been fearless and has tried almost every horse discipline. But, as many horse riders she had an accident while riding. She’s broken her pelvis in three places and ended up in a wheelchair for some period. After that she could not imagine going back on her horse! Lucky for her she’s managed to conquer her fears! Here are some of her biggest advices that might help you if you’re having the same problem.

FOCUSE ON YOUR GOALS. Ask yourself why do you want to ride again and always keep on mind the good times that you’ve had while riding. Get back to the joy you’ve felt while doing crazy stuff in the past.

COMFORT IN NUMBERS. At the start of your recovery always have some of your closest friends and family around you for a support. Don’t ride alone, keep them close to you, because that will give you courage and security. You’ll be more relaxed when there are people watching over you.

DON’T BUY THE BOOKS. For Kristina those books have been scary, because mostly they talk about more accidents and you don’t need that. That will only scare you more! Instead of buying books, meet with  experienced riders and talk to them.

GET A TRAINER. Find a good trainer who will understand your fear and who’ll know how to help you. A trainer with knowledge and experience is maybe the best way to conquer your fear!

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