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Riding Can Teach Us Some Important Things

There are various important things that each one of us can learn from riding horses. Most of them are even true in real life, so have a moment to read the text below. Sarah Eder, who is a horse professional described few things she has learned as a horse rider-let’s have a closer look!

ENJOY AND LIVE THE MOMENT- Don’t just practice and dream of winning. Enjoy the ride and the moment that you share with your horse. Don’t be rigorous with yourself. Have fun and spread love!

PERFECT PRACTICE-  Instead of practicing to infinity without a break, you should try to make your practice effective and perfect. If you practice endlessly probably you will improve some bad habits, so try to make your practice to be techically correct- that’s the key to success!

BE PATIENT/KEEP A DISTANCE-  Though this is for the jumping riders, we can all learn something important. Patience! Remember to stay relaxed and keep the rhythm. Don’t be anxious, just be prepared for the next opportunity. Focuse on your distance and be patient for the right moment.

WHEN YOU FALL GET BACK ON RIGHT AWAY- Every horse rider has had an experience like this! ending up on the ground it’s never a big deal, it’s simply part of the “game”. So, remember to always get back on your feet and battle with your fears. Work on your confidence and learn from each mistake.

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