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Paralympian King-Dye Having Difficult Stage In Her Career

Courtney King-Dye has been a horse rider since she was 9 years old and she really had a successful riding career. Unfortunately she had a terrible head injury, but managed to lighten up her way! For your information, Courtney has represented the USA several times including the Olympics in 2008. She is a certified dressage instructor but it seems that at this time she is going through some difficult stage in her career.

This strong woman, rider and mother recently shared her present state, saying that she can’t find clients for her riding lessons. In the past she had a waiting list of students and horses, but now that’s all gone.

She has been honest in her blog and said how awful she feels because she can’t find students and most of them have never heard about her! Mostly she worries about her family and her contribution for their home. But as she said, that’s how life is and worries will only lead you in the wrong direction.

King-Dye’s story it might be the most inspirational one. How she’s managed to stay positive and to show gratitude has been amazing. She’s happy for having a wonderful family and that’s what keeps her to go on. Share this extraordinary story with other horse lovers.

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