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Horse Riding: A Sport Or A Hobby?

In the text below a collegiate equestrian who rides for the Bridgewater College IHSA Equestrian Team, Kaitlan Parker, talks about the “Riding is not a sport” argument. As she said, she’s stopped arguing about it with people who have an opinion like that, because its pointless!

Maybe people who say that riding is not a sport aren’t completely wrong. There are people who are athletes and nobody can deny that riding is a sport to them and there are people to whom riding is a way to relax, a hobby.

So, this is the point when the debate has to stop, because to those riders who ride as a hobby this can’t be sport. They only ride one or two times a week for their pleasure and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s why for them riding is not a sport!

©Alex Carlton

If you spent most of the time with your horse at the barn and on the riding tracks, then to you this definitely is a sport. People who are clearly focused on riding seven days a week aren’t doing it as a hobby. That’s why the argument must stop. An athlete who has dedicated himself to riding doesn’t need a recognition.

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