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Drivers Be Tolerant When You See A Horse Trailer On The Road

This story has been dedicated to all drivers who’ve been sharing the road with horse trailers, because it’s time for them to understand that there are living things inside the trailers. There has been a letter written from a woman who had some bad experience while hauling horses. She wanted to point out the most important thing that drivers should know when they see a horse trailer on the road and that is to give the trailer some space.

As she said, horses are not a camp trailer, they are living things, standing inside the trailer on four small hoofs and because of that every sharp move or quick stop on the road jeopardises their safety. So, improve your tolerance and collaborate on the road when you see a horse trailer, always remember that horses are making this world a better place! Share this story with your friends and family on Facebook.

Dear Drivers,My most valued possessions are inside the trailer behind my truck. They stepped into that rolling…

Posted by Lisa Stief on Monday, July 21, 2014


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