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Little Kid Finds A Way How To Mount On His Pony Alone

Kids love horses, there is no doubt about that, but they should wait until they turn 7 for their first riding lesson, because at younger age they are not capable to hold themselves in the saddle and don’t have enough strength. So, their rides always have to be assisted by an adult.

The following video will make you laugh for sure, so have a look because it will only take a second. That kid has shown to everyone that when the wish is strong enough even the impossible can be accomplished.

The 6-year-old Peyton is still small for a solo mount, but somehow he got an idea how to mount all by himself on his pony, named Tucker. That pony has been his birthday wish, so you can imagine how big his will has been. We must admit that the horse has been amazing, too. Adorable kid and awesome horse- a perfect combination.

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