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Wonderful Inspiring Video – Horse’s Prayer

We share the inspiring video below which is an amazing footage, some great music and the words of the well-known “Horse’s Prayer”. We hope that it will brought you to peace while watching it, because that’s what prayers are all about.

The Horse’s Prayer is something that we all must repeat in order to cherish and care for our loving animals. Some of you might find themselves guilty for not doing the right thing for their horse while watching the video. So in future think of your horse as you do for yourself. Feed him, water and care for him. Provide him a shelter, a clear bed and wide stall.

Be kind with your horse and talk to him, because that’s the way love goes. When going uphill don’t whip him and don’t jerk the reins. Give him a chance to understand you and communicate with him. Very often give your horse cool, clean water and always watch him, because he can’t tell you when something is wrong with him. And when your horse starts losing his strength don’t forget him or sell him to some reckless owner.

We highly recommend you to have a closer look at the following video and if you enjoyed it share it on your Facebook!

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