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What’s The Main Problem Of The Horse Community?

Recently an interesting article has been posted by T.Creamer who has been working as a rescuer for many years. During his work he has been thinking about some of the most popular equine problems and he got to a point where he came to a conclusion that those are not the main problems in the horse world.

Things like neglect, slaughter, abuse really are serious issues, but they are additional problems. To him what matters the most is knowledge and education. The lack of them leads the horse world to some devastating results.

In order to simplify his point Creamer has made a parallel of equine ownership and airplanes, saying that what if we could easuly buy an airplane and try to fly it on in our own natural ability…imagine what would have happened…how many crashes and how many successes will there be? And what if you learn how to use the “auto pilot” and then sell your crude plane for a more complex flying machine? What happens then? Instead of looking for knowledge about what you already own and learning to properly use the plane you own, you decide to go the easier way. That’s how it’s done with horses, too. Most of the people think that If they know how to clean a stall or watched some horse competitions doesn’t mean that you are a horse rider.

You can only hurt the horse with your ignorance and also you’re putting your life in danger. Share this post with your animal loving friends and family on Facebook.

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