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Horse’s Back Is A Comfortable Place For Cats

Seems that Gumphrey, the barn cat from the video below, loves riding that mini horse who has been decorated for the holidays. Molly, the mini horse, has been wearing merry red bows in her mane and a festive set of green reindeer anthlers. “Tis the season, holidays are coming!”

Horse’s back certainly is a warm place on a cold winter day and that’s why that 13-year-old feline has picked that spot to “chill”. But that’s not the point of the story. The truth is that Gumphrey has spent most of his time in the saddle- he’s been raised on horse’s back. So, to him it’s not just some comfortable place- its something more.

As Fieldstone Farm’s Meaga Hengst shared, Gumpphrey has spent all of his life at Fieldstone Farms in Holland, Michigan. When they were kids they used to take the cat together with them on a horse ride. Eventually, Gumphrey has learned the lesson and these days he curls up on the horse’s back on his own. He’s a well-trained equestrian. Animals are amazing!

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Michigan cat rides horseback

Rough Monday? Here's a video of a cat (Gumphrey) riding a mini horse (Molly) at Fieldstone Farm to make your day a bit brighter.

Posted by MLive.com on Monday, December 5, 2016

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