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Dressage – The Highest Expression Of Horse Training!

A great dressage performance can look like dancing and that’s why its considered to be the highest expression of horse training! Dressage performances are quite difficult as you could see from the video below. It really takes a lot of time and practice to accomplish a result that will amaze the audience. Challenge is the most important thing when it comes to success!

The beautiful dance between the rider and his horse its a peace of art. Everything depends from the rider’s skill and the horse’s movement! We highly recommend you to have a look at the video and enjoy.The pair from the video moves so beautifully and creates magic while dancing together. Only a great rider can make everything look easy!

Dedication, hard training, skills and patience are the main elements for achieving a perfect dressage performance. The relationship between the rider and his horse is crucial in this discipline, because they must communicate perfectly!

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