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Adorable Little Girl And Her Well-Trained Pony Running Barrel Pattern

The video below is simply adorable! That girl and her pony tackle that barrel pattern with such comfort and they look so fearless. Though you can hardly see the top of her hat when she enters the arena, that girl has everything under control. So, we highly recommend you to watch this incredible video and see how well-matched they are.

It’s so clear that the girl adores horseback riding, showing her interest at such a young age. Her pony is well-trained an that’s why they make a good pair. He listens to her and follows her signals.

It’s very important to buy your kid a pony, that will be child-safe, because ponies are known for their misbehavior. So, you must seek for a pony, that will be well-trained and tractable, without any signs of behaviors like kicking, bucking or rearing. Those kind og behaviors are dangerous for the safety of your kid and you must not tolerate them.

Older ponies are maybe the best for your child, because they’ve a lot more training. The pony must take care of the basics, while the child is learning to stay on board and control the ride. That’s why you need to find a pony who is sound and has an experience with this kind of job.

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