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Amazing Mare Gave Birth Of Baby Twins At The Saratoga Stud

It was the most joyful day for the owner and founder of Saratoga Stud in South Africa when she has found out that her favourite mare, Daisy has been pregnant. Jeni is maybe one of the most passionate horse lover, caretaker and rider of all times.

Together with her working partner Guy, Jeni has been  helping Daisy when the birth process has started. Everything went smoothly and Daisy’s gorgeous palomino colt named Don Quixote was doing great. His size has been a surprise to everyone, because Daisy was a big horse and her foal has been smaller then they’ve expected, but that hasn’t been a big deal to them.

Shortly after the birth of Don Quixote something unexpected happened! What Jeni and Guy discovered when they went back to check the afterbirth has been truly a shock for them. Daisy has been in labor again, but this time the foal has been in breech position.

Daisy had her eyes on Don Quixote and it has been very difficult to make her push out the second baby. Lucky for everyone the second foal was breathing and has shown to everyone how mighty he was, ready to stand after a short period of time.

It has been a miracle for the people of Saratoga Stud! Share the video with your animal loving friends and family on Facebook.

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