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The Horse World Says Goodbye To Another Great Rider And Trainer

Horse community mourns for the loss of Diana Cavender who was an excellent horse trainer. She was also a member of the award winning Escondido Mounted Posse. She suffered some fatal injuries and died on Saturday. It was a normal day for her and she was riding her horse to a staging area.

According to Al Pfetlz (one of the founders of the Escondido Mounted Posse) her horse spooked and started to spin around. The horse lose its footing though Diana tried to put him under control. He felt down on its right side and that was fatal for the rider. Diana was whipped down from the force of the impact and she crashed hard with her head on the asphalt. She was taken to the hospital right away, but sadly she died six hours later.

Sometimes even the most skilled riders get hurt, because horses are unpredictable creatures. The horse world now is mourning for the loss of another great rider and trainer which can not be replaced. Ride safely and always wear a helmet while riding a horse.

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