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Let’s Help Natasha Powell To Find Her Stolen Horse Josh

This is Josh, he is a 26 year old Belgian Draft horse that was stolen off of private property @ Glenwood Drive in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Tuesday 4/4..

Josh was saved by his previous owner from being euthanized on Monday after receiving a call from a vet that refused to put him down… this is a well loved senior horse that only has a little arthritis … he was moved to the pasture on Glenwood Dr to be with his old carriage teammates to live out his life in peace.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Dept. is actively working leads to find Josh. It is believed that he may be in the Watsonville area while the people who took him are trying to find another vet to put him down!! If you have any information on Josh’s whereabouts please contact the SCSO OR Randy Clayton @ 831 588-2850 … please share and help get Josh home safe!

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