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Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

Basic Facts About Equine Agility

We believe that most of you know what Equine Agility is, but for those of you who’ve only  heard about it here is some additional information.  Horse Agility is an internationally competitive sport. In this discipline the equine is going around obstacles directed only by the handler’s voice or body …

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Naughty Horses Doing Something Amazing

You must agree with us when we say that those horses from the video below are mischievous, but also incredibly intelligent. Watch the following video and see those partners in crime working together. One of them learned how to remove the halter from his fellow horse’s halter. The question is …

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Amazing And Real Piaffe Backwards

We highly recommend you to watch the video below. Looks like that’s the perfect Piaffe Backwards and believe us it’s not a fake one. For a second you might think that someone just ran the film backwards, but that’s not true. We give our respect to that well-trained rider. He …

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Horse Escapes From Sure Dead

Take a sit and have a look at the following video. You won’t believe what happened in Norway recently! And yes, after watching you’ll feel sorry about that poor horse, because if he didn’t jump those dumb people would run over him and maybe by this time he would be …

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Horse Twins Successfully Improving

Twin mules were born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a shocking event for the veterinarians at the Oklahoma State University Center. The owners of the gorgeous mare who gave birth of those twins were pleasantly surprised. They’ve adopted that mare not long ago. The twins are doing well and …

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