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Britain’s Tallest Horse

Standing at 19.3 hands (6ft 6in) tall this giant Clydesdale is Britain’s real life War Horse. Queen’s horse Digger, Britain’s tallest, is being put through his paces with the royal regiment. Stationed with the Household Cavalry in Hyde Park Barracks, it is hoped 145 stone horse will take part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations as a Drum Horse in June. With his head up strapping eight-year-old Digger measures close to 9ft and his hooves measure 15in across. He eats up to four stones of food per day and guzzles 25 gallons of water. Princes William and Harry are also serving members of the Household Cavalry Regiment as Blue and Royal Officers. Previously Digger shared the title of Britain’s tallest horse with shire Duke, who has since passed away.

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