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3-Legged Pony Teaches ‘NEVER GIVE UP!’

This pony is not your average small horse! After losing her home in Hurricane Katrina, Molly has found her happiness in inspiring everyone around her. After a being attacked by a dog, Molly was left with only 3 legs. She was going to be put down but her adoptive owners, Kaye and Glenn Harris, saved her by choosing to amputate her leg. Losing Molly just wasn’t an option. Her fighting spirit led her owners to believe she would not only be the perfect candidate for a prosthetic leg but that she would excel afterwards! She was fitted for her prosthesis by Dwayne Mara of Bayou Orthotics and Prosthetic Center. Just like humans, Molly has stump changes and needs a new prosthesis from time to time. Now she is in desperate need of a new leg that her owners are hoping to raise money for!

Molly spreads hope, love, cheer and courage to those who need it. She spreads her fighting spiriting by visiting schools, nursing homes, cancer camps, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospitals, No Barriers Festival, and Walter Reed Medical Center… just to name a few! Molly is truly amazing and was born to inspire others. She hopes to get back to it once she has a new leg. Her family has started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising money for Molly: the 3-legged pony!

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