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Daily Archives: March 17, 2017

Competition In A Ride Backward Race

After the western pleasure class at the Arizona Sun Country Circuit Quarter Horse Show, riders decided to change some things. They’ ve decided to race backward on their horses! The winner was Cleve Wells who won the race and a 100X hat. He gave it away to assistant trainer Chuck …

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Baby Horses Abused

Cheyenne just seems to love to harm animals. In 2010 we’ve seen horses, calves, steers and bulls all victimized and hurt. A number of animals have lost their lives. This video shows that even very young foals are targets for the animal abusers of Cheyenne. See how they treat baby horses …

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Meet The Man-Horse

This is the Large Horse/Donkey Muzzle, a newer and larger version of our older horse muzzle. It has a large and long snout made to resemble a horse. It can be painted as many horse breeds as well as donkeys and zebras. It is made in hot foam latex and …

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