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Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

Jessie The Legend

Courageous, strong, fast, most beautiful and pure blooded; they’re our horses from Arabia! They are daredevils, traviestas, acrobats and will give you their soul to keep and let you soar through the wind with their spirit! Jessie is the quintessence of what all Arabian horses should be! God bless!

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Orphan Pony Sleeps With Teddy Bear

A one-week-old foal sleeps soundly in the lap of its new surrogate mum – a jumbo TEDDY BEAR. Breeze the bay pony was found abandoned on Dartmoor National Park just a few hours after his birth. Unable to find his mother, the tiny foundling was stumbling hopelessly around the hillside …

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Funniest Horse Act Ever!

Tommie Turvey and his horse, Pokerjoe perform the comedy act “the Riding Instructor” in front of thousands at the MCI Center in Washington DC during the Washington International Horse Show. I hope you all get a laugh out of this video ? Don’t forget to share it with your friends …

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