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Heather Johnson’s Mesmerizing Reining Style

At the Kentucky Reining World Championship in 2014, Heather Johnson and Double, her horse, amazed the crowd in the arena with their reining routine, that she dedicated to her partner and her aunt. The whole performance was mesmerizing and it matched perfectly with the music. You can see in the following video how Double does a half pass towards the front of the stadium, doing every step in harmony with Johnson. The two of them did a several trot styles, rundowns and lead changes.

The crowd is stunned by their outstanding runs, sudden stops and crazy spins, synchronized with their song choice- “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. This pair competed in the freestyle reining competition, which allows the owners to show how capable are their horses to perform athletic feats. According to the National Reigning Horse Association, reigning is mostly reserved for “ranch-type” horses.

Various moves are required from the competitors during this event, such as spins in both directions, lead changes, rundowns and stops. And riders can also include something on their own. We highly recommend you to watch the impressive performance of Johnson and Double, who scored 225 points on that competiton, and a score of 70 is average. If you enjoyed watching their performance, please share it with your closest friends.

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