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Draft Horses Can Still Be Useful On Modern Farms

The video below is a prove that draft horses can still be useful on modern farms. Also, you can see how powerful and hardworking those horses are. They are so focused on their job, calmly doing their duties wit great pleasure.

Here are some main reasons, why draft horses are so useful on modern farms, recently shared by Modern Farmer. They are cheaper than tractors and other equipment. They don’t need gasoline, just hay that every farmer can grow on his farm during the year. Other positive thing is that, horses produce manure and that manure can improve the crops if it’s properly applied to the fields.

But, that’s not all. Doing your everyday routine with a draft team is a gorgeous thing and far more entertaining then hopping on a tractor. It allows you to connect with your horses and those relationships are unforgetable. And we must agree that working on a farm with a horse is more elegant than using a tractor.

Although horses require attention and care, training and patience, all of that pays off, because their companionship is priceless! They will provide you great farming experience and power in return for your care and love. Share this story if you agree that horses are better that tractors on modern farms.

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