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Two Day Old Foal Learns To Gallop

Thoroughbred horses are well known for their affinity for speed. It’s a familiar fact, that in the first few hours after they’re born, they start to run around. That’s why they inspire the sport of kings upon the human playground. According to The Jockey Club’s Annual North America Registreted Foal …

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Lovable Friesian Horse – Frederik The Great

Watch the video below and see why Frederik the Great, who is a Friesian stallion is considered for a gorgeous, loving and powerful animal, with majestic gallop and grace. The video was uploaded in July, 2012, by Frederik’s owners, because they wanted to describe the physical beauty of their horse …

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Next Biggest Fall On Youtube?

Slap wasn’t needed. Leaning too far forward, no balance, reins too short so the horse cant stretch over jumps, needs a lot of work. A good rider could have sat the horse going on his knees and kept going. Before people start screaming at me i dont know how to …

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