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Mounted Police Is A Valuable Asset To The Law Enforcement Community

It’s natural to connect with  horses while you are working with them. Here is a story about the bond between mounted policemen and their horses, who manage to establish great connection with the animals, because they spent many hours together, almost every day. Their bond is very special, because while they train and during the working hours they are real partners. So, when they get separated it’s a very sad moment and the officers miss their partners for a very long period.

Thanks to the fact that they are up high and riding horses, mounted police are the most visible members of the law enforcement and that’s why they are very valuable asset to the community. They are very functional and unlike the foot patrol officers, mounted police can sustain a foot chase much longer. They have the benefit of their horse’s speed. Another useful thing of the mounted police, is that because of their strength and size, horses are very practical in crowd control.

The officer who becomes a mounted police officer must receive 400 hours of training. During that period of time, he learns how to ride, work and take care of the horse. He must connect with the horse and learn how to communicate with him as a partner.

Beside the police officers, horses also get some specialized training. They must learn how to act properly in many chaotic situations. That’s why during the training period they learn how to stay focused, they get exposed to many kind of distractions, for example, vehicles, big crowds, loud noises etc. They have to be perfectly ready so that they could start their patrol. So, when the police officer and the horse start to work together, they develop the needed trust that is necessary for this kind of partnership.


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