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Gorgeous Black Arabian Show Horse “Flying” Across The Field

When it comes to show horses, there are certain things that they must have, things as athleticism, good looks and a beautiful tail. In the video below, you’ll have a chance to see a gorgeous Black Arabian Horse, who has everything that a show horse should have. This horse has a beautiful shape, she’s tall with amazing tail. When you look at her while she’s doing her moves, it looks like she is flying across the field.

It’s majestic how she is trotting back and forth. She is doing it so smooth and that’s why she is different from the other horses, that usually are clumsy when it comes to trotting. We must say, that this kind of success horses can have after years and years of training. And that’s a fact that makes her even more special, because she is 33 months old. A great future is in front of her!


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