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Equine Agility Gives A Chance To Any Horse

Watch the video below and get some more information of equine agility. Look how those horses navigate obstacles and they do that with their handlers alongside. That’s the purpose of this growing sport, which can be performed mounted or unmounted. Also it gives a chance to any horse, from the youngest to those who are retired, any of them can participate.

Equine agility is a competitive horse sport, where a horse and handler must navigate a course of obstacles. The handler must not put a pressure on the leas rope in order to guide the horse. The pair is judged on each obstacle.

While you work on equine agility, you will develop your communicaton with the horse for sure. It’s a confidence-builder for the horses, that’s why is so popular. Before you start with the training, you must know all about training methods, because it takes a lot to prepare your horse to perform agility.

If you decide to start in equine agility, you only need few things, according to the International Horse Agility Club. For start, you’ll need a halter and a lead rope. The rope should be between 10 and 15 feet long. Also, you should supply some small treats for your horse, because it’s good to reward him during the training.

When the training starts, the first step is to learn your horse some basic commands, such as to move forward, backward, left, right, to halt and to stand still. After he starts to progress, the next step is to introduce him the obstacles and after that you should concentrate on your biggest goal- to work your horse off of the lead!


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