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Gypsy Vanners Are Unique Breed With Stunning Looks

We bet that many of you haven’t seen a horse as beautiful as this one from the video below. He is a true stunner, you can not deny it. His name is Austin, a Gypsy vanner stallion. Take a closer look at his mane, tail, feathers around his legs.

This type of horses gathered popularity during the last two decades. They have the size of small draft horses and people love them because of their gentle nature and willingness. Gypsy Vanners originated with the Gypsies of Great Britain, who wanted to create a small draft horse suitable for pulling caravans, after World War II. Their purpose was to get a horse with more color and lots of feathering. That’s how they bred the Gypsy Vanner, who have long manes and tails and overindulgent feathering on the lower legs. Many of them have pinto coat patterns.

Until 1996, Gypsy Vanners were not recognized as an official breed. Thanks to the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, this horses become popular among horse lovers and these days you can see them performing in many shows. Also, because of their gentle nature, Gypsy Vanners are favored for everyday riding.

If you want to get a Gypsy Vanner for yourself it might take a longer period to find the right one, because its a relatively new breed. But in the end they worth the effort, because they are unique and one of a kind breed!


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