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Arabian Horses Are Remarkable – Pepita’s Stunner Beauty

Just look at that gorgeous Arabian horse in the video below. It’s a showcase video of a stunning horse named Pepita, where we can clearly see her elegance, strong body and speed. As it was shared in Horse Talk, at auction in August 2015, Pepita snagged $1.6milion!

Back in 2014, as 10 year-old mare, Pepita was a winner at the Polish Nationals. She also garnered the titles of Best in show and was named a World Senior Top Ten Mare.  In the following video you can witness her remarkable athleticism, while she canters, prances and runs with high speeds.

What mostly helped her to get top marks at competitions, was her arched neck and wide-set eyes. Those two things are dominant features in the Arabian breeds-strong head and neck. According to the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, these horses can’t be unnoticed, they are the most recognizable breed! Also they are top choices as long-distance racehorses, because of their fast speed.

This amazing gray Arabian horse from the video, prior to the auction, served as the cover horse for the auction catalog. Pepita also has five foals, from which four are colts.


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