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This Horses’ Facial Expression Is Hilarious

Here is some very seriously funny horse play, that instantly will bring a smile on your face. Jennifer Rose knows how to make a horse happy and in the following video she is showing the tricks that her horse has been trained for. The funny side of the whole show are her horses’ friends who are grinning while he is doing the tricks.

Her horse named Kenai its a well-trained haflinger stud colt and he is quit young. When Rose asks him to give her a smile, he raises his upper lip, giving her a full toothy grin. We don’t believe that there is anyone who can resist that smile, that’s why his fellow horses joined him. After the smiling trick, Kenai shows some more skills, such as lying down.

According to Jennifer Wathan, who is a Ph. D. candidate in social cognition and communication in horses at the University of Sussex, UK, most of the horse owners know that their animals are capable to use their ears when they want to express themselves. But, when she saw Kenai, she was very surprised by the expand to which horses can use their face. As Wathan shared with Time Magazine, horses seems to have a big facial repertoire and expressive behaviors and that’s a fact that shows their natural link with human.


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