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Amazing Horse Riding On The Beach

This is a perfect video for all of us who need some time to just sit and relax from the outside world. The video below is a perfect set of the most beautiful beach scenes from the movie “The Black Stallion”, arranged with an Irish song. So, just sit back and watch how that amazing black horse, swims in the ocean, gallops through the beach and then takes the boy, named Alec on a ride of his lifetime!

By watching the young boy riding on that gorgeous horse, we wish to be on his place, because horses have such power to give us freedom. Alec is riding the horse bareback and bridleless, but the scene where the wild galloping ride is set, it’s simply breathtaking. Each one of us for at least once, wanted to be Alec.

We advice you not to try any of the scenes from this iconic movie, because it’s dangerous for both you and your horse. It can also be risky for your horses’ health. But if you really want to try some beach ride, you must take it easy. Give the horse a chance to get in touch with the water and also it would be good for him, if you bring a friend. He would feel safer if he is in group while experiencing something new.

Next thing that you should be aware of, its that the water moves all the time and that would influence on the balance. After some time spend in the water, your horse might have trouble with standing up and if he feels strange, take him out of the water. Keep in mind that your horse must be athletically fit so that he can put up with a ride in deep beach sand.


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