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Let’s Have A Look At The Cutting Horse Futurity At The Calgary Stampede

Top horses and riders are brought together every year, by the cutting horse futurity, at the Calgary Stampede. No exception was made at this year’s 2016 futurity, where the challenge for the cutting horses and riders was to separate a designated cow from the herd. After that step, the horse must keep the cow splitted, while he spins, runs and tries to work its way.

The cutting’s mission is to understand the cow’s body language, so, the good cutting horse must have a “cow sense” and must be very athletic. Half of the job is done when the rider and the horse separate the cow, then it’s up to the horses’s instincts, because the rider drops the reins. The horse must keep the cow apart from the herd.

Two and a half minutes set, is the period of time that it’s been given to each team and they must separate more then one cow from the herd during that period. Judges evaluate their efforts according to the challenge that the cow has provided, the athletic look of the horse, the place in the herd from where the cow was separated etc.

At this kind of competitions, mostly we can see Quarter Horses as cutting horses and that’s because they are highly athletic. Quarter Horses are agile and own the speed of light!

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