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Exciting Hunting On Horseback

If you wish to go hunting on horseback, you must be aware of the fact that, first of all you gotta be an experienced rider and second, you gotta have a well trained and safe horse. The hunt field is full with tradition, it’s exciting and exhilarating and you get a chance to jump over anything that comes on your way, because hunts are fast-paced.

The video below can give you a great picture of how the whole thing looks, when you take a part in a hunt without mounting up. So we recommend you to watch the video and see just how exciting is to be a part of a hunt. It will give you a great sense, because a video camera is mounted to a rider’s camera. You can feel just how fast obstacles come up and how the horse reacts and follows the action of the rider, who looks fearless.

As professionals from Horse And Hound shared with us, you gotta be well prepared if you want to go on hunting. And as we said at the beginning, your horse must be talented and suitable for hunting. He has to be fit and a perfect jumper. He must be prepared to canter and gallop over long distances.

After preparing your horse, you must contact a local hunt club and see what events they are organizing. Choose the most suitable hunt for you and your horse, and take a look at the details, for example, parking and the price you gotta pay to participate.

Another important thing is the dress code! Most often, riders dress similarly. Dark colored jacket, a helmet and gloves, clean boots, breeches, a stock tie and shirt, are elements that you must have on you, and also a hair net. Also, same as you, your horse must be presentable, that’s why gotta groom him until he shines. Don’t forget that he must have a clean saddle pad and tack.

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