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Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

Horse Foaling

This mare was in trouble and was totally exhausted. I had my Vet on the phone and he helped. This was the first time I had to assist a mare. This is a full live birth of a gypsy cob horse (dam) giving birth with assistance from Mike Nenni at …

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Rodolpho Riskalla’s Dreams Didn’t Fail

The story about Rodolpho Riskalla touched so many hearts, because it’s a really tragic and inspirational at the same time. His dream was to compete at the Olympics and everybody expected that from him, he was a really promising dressage rider. But things didn’t go well for him, because while …

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Horrific Show Jumping Fall

Dezzi (horse) damaged two tendons in his front leg but will soon be in good shape to start back to work with Natalie’s (rider) instructor. Natalie is making a hopeful full recovery with a shattered pelvis and a broken colar-bone. After a 9 hour surgery she have 6 pins in her pelvis …

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Video Exposes Cruelty by Horse Trainer

Most of us know Larry Wheelon, because he is a known figure in the Tennessee walking horse show world. Last year during the execution of a search warrant, the HSUS obtained photographs and reports from USDA inspectors, who examined some horses which were trained by Wheelon. The images that they …

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Facts about a Bombproof Horse

Anyone who worked with a bombproof horses, will agree with us when we say that working with them is incredible. Why? They don’t spook, they are reliable and you can really trust and rely on them (especially if you are recovering from an injury). The thing is that, this kind …

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