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Daily Archives: January 10, 2017

Working Equitation- New Term For Fun

I expected to watch a Traditional Dressage ride, but instead of that I got the excitement which I wasn’t prepared for. I wasn’t sure what was really, a dressage, reining, pole bending, trail and what else?! For one thing I’m sure, I really loved it. I got really curious and …

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Complaining About Westren Pleasure Discipline

What is a Western Pleasure discipline? One thing is for sure, this discipline is definitely under many analysis, because people have called the horses, their riders and this discipline many vicious words, complaining that the horses heads are too low, that their movements are not natural and that they are …

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Obvious Horse Abuse Case

Peter Bulthuis who is a dutch show jumper dealer, was fined 2000 Swiss francs because of horse abuse. The owners of the stallion VF Corrado, Maria Saracino and her daughter, claimed that violent and brutal treatment was conducted over their horse while he was at Bulthuis’s yard. They organised a …

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