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Daily Archives: January 9, 2017

Hundred Horses Rescued And Running Free

In the beautiful grassy fields in Oakland, Oregon, there is a 1120 acre facility, known as The Duchess Sanctuary. It’s located outdoors and established by real horse lovers in the year 2008. The goal is to provide safe facility for over a hundred of horses who need someone to take …

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Lovely Irish Breeds

Ireland has six native horse breeds and a very rich horse history, If you ever have a chance to visit Ireland, but you are also a horse lover, we advice you to take a ride through the Irish National Forest, which according to us, is one of the most beautiful …

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Horse KICKS Woman in her FACE!

A rider has been taught a lesson she won’t forget anytime soon after she was brutally kicked in the head by her horse when she swore at it. The terrifying ordeal was caught on camera, with the out-of control horse seen bucking the woman off before knocking her to the …

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