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Daily Archives: January 3, 2017

Nearly 750 Horses Saved By The Army

Course of action 7 was implemented immediately, after between 700-750 wild horses “trespassed” on Folk Port. The Army created a plan to move them out of their base, authorized by commander Bri. Gen. Gary M. Brito. They knew right away that they must remove the horses from the base, so …

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Happy Horses Making Snow Angels

The horses of Easy Street Horse Rescue love the snow! This morning they are making horse angels in the snow and playing with each other. Horses are artic animals, contrary to what most people believe. These horses have access to three shelters, but choose to be outside. They could eat their …

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Helmet Cam Ride: Run, Henny, Run!

Watch the video below and see how exciting it is. If you are a horse rider it will give you some extra motivation and inspiration to try something more. It’s about 3 day event cross country course, but in this video you can only see the highlights. Rider Peter Atkins …

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