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Truth Matters!

Thanks to New York Times, we’ve seen a different side in the sport’s industry. And that’s a side that people who are involved in this industry tried to hide from the public for a long time. We can categorize the people who are involved in horse racing in three groups: …

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Zero Tolerance for Horse Cruelty!

Not an individual and not an industry should get away with animal cruelty. But that’s what’s been happening with the Tennessee walking horse show industry. At this moment , we greet the U.S. Department of Agriculture because of issuing a proposed rule.  The proposed rule contained game-changing reforms to end …

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Horse Training or Horse Abuse?

Picture this: A 3 year old stallion with a halter that is hooked to a chain, standing tied in a small enclosure. He is trying to get rid of the discomfort, while he is up on his tiptoe, because the tether raised his head and neck to an disturbing level. …

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Tribute to Moorlands Totilas

Anyone who reads the news on Horse Channel or follows the international equestrian scene is aware of the success of the Dutch rider Edward Gal and his amazing mount named Moorlands Totilas. These two are very popular on the equestrian scene, because their results are simply remarkable. In 2009, they …

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