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Daily Archives: October 17, 2016

Couple Helps Neglected Horses

Not many people are out there to help the animals who are mistreated, neglected and in need of help. Most of the people will turn their head on the other side as if that is not their problem. But not everyone will do that and here is a gorgeous example …

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Watch How This Horse Loves Snow

Winter bothers us because of the low temperatures, it’s cold and rainy most of the time, but there is one thing that we must not forget: snow. Who doesn’t like snow?! So, that’s why we have to appreciate wintertime. Kids love snow same as the adults and animals. In the …

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Living In Herds Protects Wild Horses

According to history, mustangs (wild horses) were brought to America far back in 1500s by Spanish explorers who came to america in that period. Because the horses felt uncomfortable with their owners they found their freedom into the wild. Until today, they have been roaming in many parts of this …

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First Tweed Horse Suit

At this year’s Cheltenham Festival, Sir Anthony McCavoy presented for the first time a Harris Tweed suit designed for a horse. This especially designed horse suit, features three parts- shirt, tie and a cap and it’s modelled by veteran race horse Morestead. This 20 time champion jockey and a Cheltenham …

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