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Horse Licks Owner For Putting Hoof On

Jack, a special needs horse with lots of love to give, shows his owner how appreciative he is for helping him with his shoes by giving him a big kiss on the head and letting his tongue linger there so the man really knows how much he cares. Source: www.net-addicts.com

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Talented Horse Plays Piano

Sapphire the horse has an extremely surprising talent. She is a genuine virtuoso when it comes to playing the keyboard. And it doesn’t matter AT ALL that she doesn’t have any hands or fingers! She can still play a lovely sonata. The only difference is, Sapphire uses her nimble lips …

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The World’s Cutest Baby Horse !

This little guy is 5 years now… This is an adorable Little Fellow. This little sweetheart is quiet the explorer definitely keeping mum on her toes watching over the little rascal that he doesn’t get himself into trouble . He is such an inquisitive little guy and I am sure he grew …

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Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

A tiny horse called Acer is believed to be Britain’s smallest steed at just 22 inches tall. Acer lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham, Essex. The three-year-old sleeps in a small stable, plays in the field and even wanders around the family home. …

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